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Prispevki za novejšo zgodovino / Contributions to Contemporary History / Contributions a l'histoire contemporaine / Beiträge zur Zeitgeschichte

Prispevki za novejšo zgodovino [Contributions to Contemporary History] is one of the central Slovenian scientific historiographic journals, dedicated to publishing articles from the field of contemporary history (the 19th and 20th century). It has been published regularly since 1960 by the Institute of Contemporary History, and until 1986 it was entitled Contributions to the History of the Workers' Movement. The journal is published three times per year in Slovenian and in the following foreign languages: English, German, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Italian, Slovak and Czech. The articles are all published with abstracts in English and Slovenian as well as summaries in English.
The journal presents the recent research of the Slovenian (as well as foreign) historiography for the period of the 19th and 20th century (political, economic, cultural and social history). Initially the journal focused on the history of the workers' movement, but gradually its scope has been extended to include other topics as well. Apart from scientific articles the journal also publishes reviews and reports about the more important contemporary history works. The journal also regularly publishes historical documentation listing the selected historical sources complete with expert commentary.

The latest issues are available here.

The archive of past volumes is available at the History of Slovenia - SIstory web portal.

The printed version of the journal is available at the Institute of Contemporary History, in humanities literature bookstores and through the Institute website (publications >> Publications Ordering).

Further information and guidelines for the authors are available here.

Ethical principles

The magazine is edited by the editorial board consisting of ten members.

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