Institute of Contemporary History


The Institute of Contemporary History is a research institution with a sixty-year tradition of uninterrupted research and publishing in the field of contemporary history. That may not be all that much for humanity in general, but it is nevertheless a lot for several generations of researchers, archivists, and librarians, who have taken part in the collective achievements of the Institute not only with their knowledge, but also with their passion for research, curiosity about the past, ability to develop historiography as a science, and the wish to communicate their findings to the professional and general public in Slovenia as well as abroad.

The Institute of Contemporary History is a modern historical institute that follows the development of historiography and takes into account the achievements of other humanities and social sciences. It strives for the permanent verification of the scientific foundations, influences of the environment, and national scientific policies. Historiographical research of the contemporary times also holds up a mirror to society. In the future, the Institute will remain on the line between the past and the present, as contemporary history is not only a humanities discipline: it also represents a discourse with the modern society and about its problems.